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The Chinook Valley Gun club is a private club located on Chinook Valley road between Chinook and Ilwaco WA.

Our members gather on Thursday night for trap games and on Saturday morning for trap practice. We have two pat traps and a warm cozy clubhouse.

We also have a rifle and pistol range with 50 feet, 50 yard and 100 yard backstops.


9am to 6pm shotgun, rifle and pistol
6pm to 8pm shotgun games

9am to noon trap practice
noon to 6pm rifle and/or pistol

We are also open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for trap shooting or "Rimfire Only" if a range officer is available to open the range.


Physical Address:
Chinook Valley Gun Club
370 Chinook Valley Road

Map Here

Mailing Address:
Chinook Valley Gun Club
P.O. Box 1631
Ocean Park, WA 98640

Contact phone number:
(360) 665-5956

Chnook Valley Gun Club - Images of the club

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